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The Handwriting Challenge

Anyone out there still write with pen and paper? *cricket* Hmmm…let’s change that! Take the handwriting challenge!

5 Movies that Sum Up My Love For Movies

I love movies. Here are five that describe that describe the type of movies I love.

I Missed the Bus

The story of how I missed the bus on the first day of second grade.

Readers, Writers, and Love

Could there be a correlation between a reader’s love language and how we respond to what we read? I think so! Check out my theory.

Sins of the Father

Whether a person has a good or bad relationship with her father, the effects of said relationship goes far beyond the relationship with her mother. Why?

Why I Did It

I’m sitting in my office space in my home. This is where all the magic happens. The Pruetts and all my Sims stories were born here. I’ve written a couple of blog posts here. I chat and email with family and friends here. I’ve written several chapters of my novel here. But, the only common…

Normalcy, Weirdness, and Lonerism

Jes2G takes a quick break from being the author of Pruett Family Legacy and shares how her life is a lot like Mia’s from the perspective of chapter 8.8.

The Train

Sitting here, I heard the sound of a train rolling by. I heard it off in the distance a couple times before, but the blaring horn and clickety-clack of the metal wheels following tracks were much louder tonight than it was before. I don’t actually know where the train tracks are as I have not…

Telling All My Business

When you’re not shaped according to the cookie-cutter standards, shopping can be a pain.

Be Open

I had an appointment after work. With a 40 minute drive and an hour until arrival, I figured it was ok to engage in some last-minute work chatter. Ten minutes went by, and I really needed to get going so I left the conversation. When I got in my car, I saw that I neglected…

I Have Commitment Issues…

…when it comes to watching television 😉 I actually don’t watch much TV. Almost all of the shows I watch (consistently) are network shows–which constantly brings up the question of why I pay for cable. I purposefully only get involved with one or two shows per season. I cannot handle more than that. Well, actually,…

My Missing Middle Name

This is a story all about how my life got shifted upside down….

Three Years

For three years, I lived on 60-75% of my income. I can count on two hands how many times I went shopping. I was a hermit, and my friends had to convince me to take breaks. I was in the zone. For three years, I focused solely on one thing. I dropped everything for this….

Good Ol’ Fashioned Drama Revisited

“Good Ol’ Fashioned Drama” was one of my favorite posts. The movie I discussed is one of my favorites, and I actually wrote about it for a final project this past semester. “Good Ol’ Fashioned Drama Revisited” is going to be a totally awesome mesh of the two. Enjoy!

Bathroom Humor

I hate public restrooms! Well, “hate” is a strong word. I do not like public restrooms! I try to avoid them at all costs. Why? Using the restroom, for me, is a private event that should not be rushed.

"School is your job." – Humorous Perspectives from an Hourly Employee

I have always been an hourly employee. I don’t know what it’s like to be anything else. What I do know is that, at this point in my life, salaried life is not for me! I know that when people say, “school is your job,” the meaning comes from a salaried, career oriented mindset. So, I thought it would be fun to explore how school being my job is a horrible concept from an hourly perspective.

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Why not? When you have things to say, you should say them. When you are given a message, don’t keep it to yourself. Words are powerful and can change the world. Don’t be afraid.

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You never know! My thoughts are random. Sometimes I write about memories, sometimes about epiphanies. Other times I write about my relationship with God. Whatever I write, you can expect it to be honest.

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