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The Handwriting Challenge

Anyone out there still write with pen and paper? *cricket* Hmmm…let’s change that! Take the handwriting challenge!

5 Movies that Sum Up My Love For Movies

I love movies. Here are five that describe that describe the type of movies I love.

I Missed the Bus

The story of how I missed the bus on the first day of second grade.

Readers, Writers, and Love

Could there be a correlation between a reader’s love language and how we respond to what we read? I think so! Check out my theory.

Sins of the Father

Whether a person has a good or bad relationship with her father, the effects of said relationship goes far beyond the relationship with her mother. Why?

Why I Did It

I’m sitting in my office space in my home. This is where all the magic happens. The Pruetts and all my Sims stories were born here. I’ve written a couple of blog posts here. I chat and email with family and friends here. I’ve written several chapters of my novel here. But, the only common…

About Me

Why blog?

Why not? When you have things to say, you should say them. When you are given a message, don’t keep it to yourself. Words are powerful and can change the world. Don’t be afraid.

What to expect

You never know! My thoughts are random. Sometimes I write about memories, sometimes about epiphanies. Other times I write about my relationship with God. Whatever I write, you can expect it to be honest.

Say hello!

I love hearing from you! Let me know what you enjoy about my blog.