The First Day

My first day of school was great!  I haven’t been so excited to be in school since like elementary school.  I know what it is, though.  When you actually want to learn, there’s so much to be excited about!
I left work in enough time to be there an hour before class started.  Because I’ve never attended this university before, I wanted to be early to observe the en route traffic, traffic in the area, traffic on campus, and the parking situation.  Luckily for me, my classroom buildings are right next to a parking deck.  It was so funny…there were all these people driving around and around, walking 1000 miles from remote parking lots, and all this madness.  I go to the deck I want to park in, go to the level I want to park on, and there was a spot right up front by the door!  I just waltzed in.  That spot was waiting there just for me 🙂

I have three classes.  Two on Mondays and Wednesdays, and one on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I’m taking some pretty cool classes.  I have Human Communication, Writing For the Mass Media, and Computers & Your World.  That last class kind of burns me up.  That’s my Thursday class.  I have a degree in Information Technology!!  ALL my credits transferred!  You mean to tell me not ONE of those classes can be substituted for it?!  I totally don’t get that one.  I need to find out if that’s one of those classes that KSU requires…like that dumb gym class lol.  Anyway, the other two classes seem like they’ll be a lot of fun.  Well, fun is a relative term I’m sure 🙂  The Human Communication class will be fun and easy I think.  We’re studying how humans communicate in various settings.  Those settings will be centered around all the degree concentrations we have which are journalism & citizen media, organizational communication, public relations, and media studies.  We’ll spend several class periods watching movies or clips from films and analyzing the communication.  ALRIGHT!!!  I’m sure it will be hard labor 😛  The writing class might be a challenge because I haven’t been in school for five years and haven’t written a paper for longer than that!  But, I think I’ll like it because we’re going to focus a lot on grammar (YES!!  I love grammar!  I know…I’m a geek!) and all those technical styles (i.e MLA, AP, APA, etc.).  Not really looking forward to that, but if I have to learn this to be a successful journalist, then I welcome the challenge!  This teacher is a logofile–yeah, I just learned that word yesterday too.  That means that she is a lover of words.  That’s great!  I know she’ll grow my vocabulary which is something I’ve been looking to do lately anyway.  Although this class may be challenging, I’m excited about it because I know I will come out a better writer!  That is exactly what I want to walk away with anyway.

I thought I would be the oldest person in the class, and I probably am in two of them.  There’s a 59-year-old woman in my Human Comm. class, and she was soooooo determined to find someone older than her.  In my head I was like ummmm…….good luck with that!  LOL, and of course I’ve already met some spoiled brats.  These kids are in their first senior year (cuz you know there will be many for them!), and they still have not declared a major yet.  But as long as daddy is footing the bill they’re taking their sweet time.  This one dude is totally wasting his family’s money; he’s taking Arabic for no reason.  Kids!

These very long days will probably start to get to me soon.  I’m still working my full-time job right now, so I’m waking up at 6:00 and going to bed around midnight after my homework is done.  If you’re a person of prayer, then pray for my strength and energy to be sufficient for this.  While you’re at it…buy me a case of XS Energy Shots!  LOL, I know…shameless plug for my biz, but those things are great!!  Anyway, I think I’m going to have a great time.  I’ll be MIA during the week for the most part, so make sure you check in with ya girl from time to time and make sure I’m still alive 🙂  All in all, I’m ready for this!  Let the games begin!!

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