5 Movies that Sum Up My Love For Movies

I love movies. I wouldn’t call myself a movie buff because there are tons of iconic, popular movies I’ve never seen. If you knew which ones, you might disown me. 🙂 My love for movies is related to my love of stories, naturally.

I was introduced to Jon Negroni when my sister emailed me a link to his Pixar Theory, and I’ve been following his blog ever since. He’s someone I’d consider to be a movie buff! Anyway, he did a blog with the same name as this one and asked that everyone reply with our five movies. It was actually hard to do, but I did it. But, the writer in me wanted to respond with an essay for why I chose the movies I chose. Instead, I decided to do my own post here. If you can, reply with your five. Here we go!

(in no particular order)

Madame X

I love this movie so much, I’ve written two blogs and a school paper on it. There is just so much to say about it! However, because I’ve already said so much, I won’t repeat it. You can read about why I love this movie here.

First of all, yes, I know I’m a bit young to love a movie like this! My parents used to tell us about the movies from their day, and they just sounded a lot more interesting than the movies I grew up with. We asked if they could rent (yes…rent!) a few so we could see them, and that was all she wrote.

Anyway, this movie shaped my love for movies because it leaves so much to the imagination. It began with a relationship already in progress, but it never revisits how it began. It ends with a cliff hanger–an awesomely rotten cliff hanger! I love it when I come away from a movie with something to theorize about. Most movies these days tie up all the loose ends so that there is nothing left to say, but I rather enjoy movies that don’t end well.

Another way this movie shaped my love for movies is it made me cry. The story of this woman’s life was done in such a way that you really feel for her and wish that some kind of way things would start looking up. Many dramas from the 50s and 60s were that way, and they were brilliant.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

I saw this movie for the first time when I was very young–like seven or eight! My father rented it. He saw it for the first time in the theater, and I believe that both of us were blown away by it for the same reasons. He said that he had never seen a movie like that before, and it was way ahead of its time. When I saw it for the first time, I felt like my eyes had been opened to the world of action movies. Most girls don’t like explosions and high speed car chases, but I do. This movie was the one that did it for me. I also like twists at the end which leads me to the next movie….

Shutter Island

I LOVE a good suspense movie! Now that I think about it, I probably should have listed some Alfred Hitchcock movie in this spot because that’s where it all began for me. I love it when I’m watching a movie, and everything is going merrily along, and then, at the end, the director hits me across the head (BAM!) with something I totally did not expect. Love it! I guess that means I like to be deceived? I was thinking about putting The Sixth Sense here for this reason and all the visual clues it gives. I didn’t see Shutter Island until years after it was on DVD. It was marketed more like a horror thriller, and I don’t really do those. However, after reading the description on Netflix, I decided to get it because it sounded like it may have been something else–and it was! It wasn’t a horror movie at all!

Home Alone (1 & 2)

Yes, I know I’m supposed to pick five and not six movies, but these two are the same as far as shaping my love. I love movies with good soundtracks. Now, honestly, I’ve never heard the actual soundtracks for these movies, but I’m referring to the music in the movie for these. I love Christmas music, and these movies definitely had great songs.

I also love movies with good, hilarious, memorable one-liners. I bet we’re thinking of the same one right now! “Keep the change, you filthy animal!” 😀 These things quickly graft themselves into my life.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Ok…maybe this movie wasn’t the best choice for this category, but it was the first one that came to mind. I love movies with lots of singable songs in them. I say singable because many movies have songs, but you can’t necessarily sing along with them.

What are five movies which describe your love for movies? Go!

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