A Good Laugh

I had the best private laugh at lunch today as I recanted this story in my head.

Last year, we got new chairs in the office:  really nice, black, leather, adjustable chairs with lumbar support.  My boss–Dennis–decided to put them together for us so we wouldn’t have to spend any time away from the phone.  I hear him saying “OMG” to himself, and finally, he asked if I would come see him.  He’s a very short (I’d say no taller than 5’4″), middle-aged, Caucasian man from Jersey.  So, he’s standing really close to me and whispering things like, “OMG…do you see this?  I don’t know what to say!  I didn’t know!  Can they do this?”  Very confused, I asked him what he was talking about.  He pointed to the box that the chairs came in, and I saw that he was very flustered and concerned about the word “negro.”  I immediately burst into laughter which made him feel a little better but confused as to why I was laughing.  When I calmed down, I said, “Dennis, that doesn’t say NEE-gro.  It says NEH-gro!  Negro is Spanish for black!”

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