Bathroom Humor

I hate public restrooms!  Well, “hate” is a strong word.  I do not like public restrooms!  I try to avoid them at all costs.  Why?  Using the restroom, for me, is a private event that should not be rushed.  I didn’t know how evasive our (American) public restrooms were until my British coworkers pointed it out.  Two of them were here (U.S.) for the first time, and I showed them where the bathrooms were.  As soon as we walked in, one of them said, “My!  That’s a big hole!”  She was referring to the gap between the floor and the door.  She went on to comment about people could almost see you in there.  I never thought about it that way!  My mind immediately went back to college when another coworker of mine was defending her position on public restroom disdain.  She said that it felt like someone is in there with you when you’re “going.”  At the time, I didn’t care…but now I do!  So, between that comment and the realization from my British friends, I too now share in the public restroom disdain!

When I was in high school, I was in Wal-Mart’s restroom.  At first, I was alone–yes!  However, of course, I gained some company.  It was a mother and daughter.  I gathered that from the following “conversation.”


LOL, I wanted to laugh so hard, but I couldn’t.  She kept saying it over and over and over again!  I just wanted to yell, “STOP YELLING AT HER!!!  She’s not gonna pee pee with you yelling at her!”

Friday I left work and headed toward my sister’s place to scoop her up to go to dinner.  I had to pee, but I figured I’d just go when I got to her place.  Why?  I try to avoid public restrooms!  To my surprise, she was not home yet.  OH NO!  I had to go to her job and wait a few minutes for her to come out…and I REALLY had to pee.  She came out and we went to the restaurant.  At this point, I was dancing like a child.  I made a mad dash for the restroom.  In my head, I kept saying, “Robin, I gotta pee pee!  I gotta pee pee, Robin!!”  LOL, don’t ask.

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