The Handwriting Challenge

Hello, folks! How are you holding up? I hope you're recovering well after last weekend's shenanigans over in Julianaland. Here's ...
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5 Movies that Sum Up My Love For Movies

I love movies. I wouldn't call myself a movie buff because there are tons of iconic, popular movies I've never ...
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I Missed the Bus

Growing up, my siblings and I rarely ever went to the same school. I'm the oldest, and I was in ...
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Readers, Writers, and Love

I wouldn't say that I enjoy studying psychology, but I do enjoy learning about what make people tick. I love ...
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Sins of the Father

I'm a daddy's girl through and through. There is no denying that. My good relationship with him has definitely shaped ...
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Why I Did It

I'm sitting in my office space in my home. This is where all the magic happens. The Pruetts and all ...
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Normalcy, Weirdness, and Lonerism

I've tried online dating a couple times. On one of my favorite sites, there is a bank of thousands of ...
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The Train

Sitting here, I heard the sound of a train rolling by. I heard it off in the distance a couple ...
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Telling All My Business

I'm not a small person. I don't call myself "big" and definitely never "fat." Whatever I am, it's definitely not ...
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Be Open

I had an appointment after work. With a 40 minute drive and an hour until arrival, I figured it was ...
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