Purpose Is Awesome

I’m still in the “honeymoon” period with school.  Although I was over it toward the end of last semester, I’m still very happy to be there.  I had an epiphany last semester.  Those who know me well know that I’m trying to become a recovering control freak LOL.  It’s hard!  Anyway, it was around registration time for the current semester, and I had all the classes I wanted to take lined up.  I wrote down the CRNs, took them to work, and was thoroughly prepared to register at exactly 10:15 a.m.!  However, I had a little trouble, and I won’t bore you with the details.  The short version is that I could not register for one of the classes which happened to be the one I REALLY wanted to take.  I was wrecked!  What in the world am I supposed to do NOW?  I reluctantly started looking for other available classes to sign up for.  Being a working commuting student, I only have certain blocks of time that will work for me. Anyway, I picked a class that I needed to take anyway but wasn’t interested right now.  It’s one of those university requirements that you can’t escape from if you intend on graduating.  It’s called Fitness For Living.  I fit it in my schedule, and I sat back and thought about it for a moment.  I thought about how taking this class would actually help me with my wellness goals for next year.  I said, “Dag…God interrupted my agenda to let me know He cares about my health.  If He cares about it, then maybe I should too!”  That’s when I decided “for real” that in 2011 I wanted to get my health & wellness together.

So now it’s 2011, and I’ve been seeing some doctors to see what I need to be doing for ME–not some blanket diagnosis and prescription they gave to someone who sounded like they have what I have!  I got a lot answers and things to do.  They’re not easy, but I am on the road to wellness!  So, I’m sitting this class right, and we’re talking about cardiovascular fitness.  I just knew that the majority of the room was bored to tears.  How?  I’ve been there before!  However, this time around–a more purposed perspective–I was having a blast!  Seeing as how I recently came from the doctor, this class was like an explanation of a lot of things that they told me.  I learned the difference between HDLs & LDLs and which ones are good and bad.  I learned how to calculate my resting & maximum heart rates so when I do cardio  I’ll know how to get the most out of it.  I was having fun!  It’s amazing at how much you can learn when you have a reason to pay attention.  That’s one piece of advice I give my “little classmates” (LOL, they make me feel old sometimes).  When they’re talking about they don’t know what to do with their lives and stuff like that, I tell them to stay in school as long as they can until they figure it out.  I know it’s expensive (if you get loans) and may be boring & uncool, but it’s a lot easier to just stay put until you find out what you should be doing with your life than graduating, doing something you don’t like, and THEN discover what you should do.

You know…God’s plans are solid!  I am still amazed at how so many seemingly “little” things line up when you’re doing what God wants.  Not only doing what He wants, but also allowing Him to direct you and possibly wrecking your plans occasionally!  That’s a big pill to swallow for someone like me, but it’s so necessary.  Situations like this remind me that I need to depend on God for EVERYTHING.  One of these Saturdays, I’m gonna wake up and just say, “Hey, God…what should I do today,” and see what He comes up with 🙂

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