The Handwriting Challenge

Hello, folks!

How are you holding up? I hope you’re recovering well after last weekend’s shenanigans over in Julianaland. Here’s a fun little pick me up for all you lovely people who follow me via WordPress and email. Everyone enjoys bonuses, right?
I was tagged by my blogging buddyย Megan for this Handwriting Challenge. I actually still enjoy writing things by hand, so I totally had to do this. Lately, I’ve been writing on my iPad with the Apple Pencil! #gamechanger lol Anyway…enjoy!

The Rules:

  • Write your name
  • Write your blogโ€™s name
  • Write your favorite word and its definition
  • Write something nice
  • Write the name of your favorite song right now
  • What are you writing with?
  • Write a fun fact about yourself
  • Write/draw your favorite emoticon
  • Write a silly message
  • Write who youโ€™re tagging

Here we go!

Here are the blogs of the lovely people Iย thought of seeing as how I have to tag people lol. Take care!

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