Why I Did It

I’m sitting in my office space in my home. This is where all the magic happens. The Pruetts and all my Sims stories were born here. I’ve written a couple of blog posts here. I chat and email with family and friends here. I’ve written several chapters of my novel here. But, the only common denominator in these equations here is me. I tend to compartmentalize my life. I don’t do it on purpose, but it ends up that way. I have my work friends, my church friends (some of whom are close friends), my Sims friends, and for the most part, none of these groups of people exist in any other group. Each group has a pretty good idea of who I am and each has their own bit of information the other groups don’t know. It never bothered me before until now. It’s actually quite exhausting, and as an introvert, I’m very keen on reserving my energy. Why shouldn’t my work friends know about my Sims life? Why shouldn’t my Sims friends know about my love of gospel music? Why shouldn’t my church friends know about my creative writing? I dunno. Probably because I tend to be a private person, and if you don’t ask, I don’t tell.

The time for compartmentalization is over. Jes2G is tired of being spread all over the Internet (and life) having “conjugal visits” with everyone. Instead of having 50 blogs and trying to manage all these groups of people separately, I now have ONE site that everyone can visit and co-mingle and get to know other sides of me. I hope you enjoy this new experience. It may be awkward at first, but that’s natural. I’m certainly having doubts right now. “What if these people don’t like this?” “What if those people don’t like that?” People pleasing used to consume my life, but not so much anymore. Now I try to do what’s right for me.

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